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The Yoga of Food – A Whole Person Approach to Eating

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Amazon Price: $9.99 $9.99 (as of May 20, 2018 3:33 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Josie Kramer leads you on a series of easy-to-follow yoga practices and meditations which provide relief to anybody who has a hard time with overindulging. The Yoga of Food consists of 3 moderately-paced yoga sessions, ideal for all physical fitness levels.

Product Details

  • Actors: Josie Kramer M.A.
  • Directors: Josie Kramer M.A.
  • Format: NTSC
  • Language: English
  • Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only. Read more about DVD formats.)
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Studio: Josie Kramer
  • DVD Release Date: July 21, 2014
  • Run Time: 160 minutes
  • ASIN: B00LXKA3M6

Customer Reviews

I love this DVD

 on May 27, 2015
By Fior S
I love this DVD! The Yoga of Food focuses on the relationship between your body and your mind. Josie erases the definition of self we have created by society and expresses the importance of self acceptance. This DVD connects the practice of yoga and one’s ability to listen to your body’s physical responses. This awareness allows you to make positive food choices and live a health, less stressful lifestyle. Josie guides you through every pose with detailed instructions as if she was standing in front of your yoga mat.

Five Stars

 on November 22, 2015
By Amazon Customer
Wonderfully insightful!

Changing my life…

 on February 28, 2015
By Beth
Josie’s approach to yoga and food is unlike anything I’ve experienced. I am a beginner with yoga, and I have discovered that my emotions have been locked inside–possibly for many years. When I do yoga with Josie, I often begin to cry about halfway through the practice–and I am not even sure why–as if my body were being freed from the pain of my past. I contacted Josie about this, and she reassured me that this is often what happens with beginining practice… so I continue to practice, and I continue to cry. But each time, the crying moves me to a new space–I feel more peaceful, relaxed, free… It gives me a new outlook on life, and I am certain that I am getting healthier both physically and emotionally. It’s an extraordinary yoga DVD made by an extraordinary teacher, and I am so grateful to Josie for the gift of her wisdom, beauty, and grace…

Josie Kramer is a genuine holistic healer!

 on August 10, 2014
By Roger Kern

A Radiant Light Shines in Los Angeles

 on August 10, 2014
By Kathy Abramovitz
I loved this DVD. The yoga poses are beautifully done. I have never seen them done with so much grace and fluidity, so closely resembling dance. The information about food and eating disorders is priceless. There is a lot of information and wisdom about food and eating choices that is presented in a way that is easy to take in. Her voice is calm and clear. This is a DVD to watch on a regular basis, for the wonderful yoga classes provided and for the lectures about healthy food and healthy eating. This is a Teacher who walks her talk. It is my goal to make this DVD a part of my personal yoga practice and to learn and use the information offered here about healthy eating. With all the temptations, chaos and confusion in the world about food and diet, it is refreshing to hear this clear and informed voice pointing the way out of the jungle in a simple and concise way that gives me hope. Like all Masters, she makes a complicated subject appear easy. Thank you, Josie, for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and radiant light.

A Transformational Approach to Yoga and Eating!

 on December 28, 2014
After years of struggling with body issues and low self-esteem, I discovered this DVD!!! I can’t describe how much it’s helped me rebuild confidence in my ability to listen to my own body’s wisdom as well as take my yoga practice in directions I hadn’t previously imagined. I’ve been a yo-yo dieter for years and have read just about every self-help book on the market. Josie’s DVD taught me how much I’ve wasted my time looking for the right fix. Now I know that healing starts with small but important lifestyle changes. Josie presents these life-changing alternatives with compassion and clarity. I finally feel empowered to make lasting changes to both my physical and emotional life. In the DVD, Josie seamlessly connects the physical practice of yoga with developing new attitudes about body and health. I highly recommend this DVD to anyone who wants to deepen their yoga practice and bring balance into their relationship with food!

I absolutely loved this DVD

 on August 4, 2014
By banddgirsch
I absolutely loved this DVD. Combining yoga with the principals of healthy eating, Josie directs viewers to deepen their awareness of themselves through yoga while encouraging them to listen to their own bodies as the authority on the healthiest approach to eating. This DVD also talks about and exposes the issues with our society’s unhealthy focus on being extremely thin and unsafe dieting. It has really helped me to take a step back, de-stress, and listen to my body as I plan my meals throughout the week. The yoga practice itself is great for all levels and there are some awesome meditation exercises which have helped me greatly as well!

My favorite workout DVD of all times

 on May 26, 2015
By Samira S
My favorite workout DVD of all times. Josie shares great knowledge about body, mind and soul and how it’s all connected into having a healthy and happy lifestyle. The DVD offers different yoga practices and health and food recommendations. This DVD is part of my daily yoga practice and I don’t travel without it. Josie is an amazing woman and teacher. I’m so thankful for her sharing all this knowledge about living a beautiful life in every sense and the best thing is that she does it with such compassion, grace and love. I highly recommend this DVD. Buy it now!


 on September 1, 2014
By Blake Abramovitz
Yoga teacher Josie Kramer brings genuine, hard-won knowledge to this super-important subject, sharing insights from Yoga, neuroscience, psychology and nutrition to guide practitioners into a more balanced and mindful relationship to food. Rather than turning to short-fix diets as a way of coping with our food-compulsions, we need to do the serious work of fundamentally changing our relationship to what and how we eat. Josie offers a viable framework within which to do just that, offering gentle and skillful guidance in a series of practices and talks. Very worthwhile DVD!!!

Knowledge and understanding you will want to hear again and again!!

 on August 25, 2014
By Joanna Hadfield
Josie Kramer is an incredible teacher and human being who is all heart. Her yoga classes have shaped me into being a more conscious and loving person who can deal with life’s stresses in a more peaceful and humble way. You will be blessed by this DVD in more ways then you know. She takes you through a beautiful yoga practice and while your doing that, gifts you with the knowledge and understanding you need in order to treat your body with love and respect. Because what we eat is who we are! So it is a double whammy, you get a yoga practice you can play over and over again, and knowledge and understanding around food that you will want to hear more then once to digest. It is great for all levels of yoga, and you will want to buy one for everyone in your circle.

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